flaring tool

R-410A Clutch driven flaring tool with ratchet and case for 3/16′, 1/4′, 5/16′, 3/8′, 1/2′, 5/8′ & 3/4′ O.D. tubing

Key Features:

Engineered to create stronger flare joints for high pressure R-410A systems

Unique clutch driven feed screw and faceted cone produce uniform, clean flare walls without thin spots or galling

Provides an exact amount of flaring torque with break away clutch system

Innovative 3/8′ square drive incorporated directly in yoke handle for use of ratchet

Rugged polyethylene storage case included.

1 year warranty

Accessory/Replacement Parts

FTX800B410: R-410A Flaring bar for FT800FN (Qty/Pk 1)

FTX800R: Ratchet for FT800FN/FT806A/FT806M (Qty/Pk 1)

FTX800Y: Yoke assembly for FT800FN/FT806A/FT806M (Qty/Pk 1)